Synthetic Oil vs. Conventional Oil

Auto Mechanic Checking Oil

What’s the difference between synthetic oil vs. conventional oil, and which is right for your car? The experts at Rountree Moore Kia are here to walk you through the key differences between these two formulations, so you can find out which is the best fit for your wants and needs. Get more service tips from our experts, and then visit us in Lake City!



What is Conventional (Regular) Oil?

Conventional oil, or regular oil, was once the only option for drivers in Live Oak and Macclenny. This petroleum-based substance has been used for decades in internal combustion engines to reduce friction and regulate temperature. Because regular motor oil is distilled from crude oil, it is usually very affordable.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil does everything that regular oil does, but it has been more heavily refined. Because synthetic has been chemically modified, it is much more stable. That means it’s less prone to oxidation and usually lasts much longer than regular motor oil. And while more expensive than conventional oil, synthetic offers many additional benefits:

  • Less viscous at lower temperatures
  • Better engine cleaning properties
  • Protects critical turbocharger parts (when equipped)

How Do Full Synthetic vs. Synthetic Blends Differ?

Now you know the difference between synthetic oil vs. regular oil, so what about a full synthetic oil vs. synthetic blend? Instead of a pure synthetic oil, some Gainesville-area drivers opt for a synthetic blend that combines both synthetic and conventional oil formulations. This cuts down on cost, while adding benefits like better stability and longevity. However, if your car needs full synthetic oil, a synthetic blend is not suitable. Feel free to chat with our technicians to see what you need, or check your owner’s manual for manufacturer recommendations.

Schedule an Oil Change in Lake City Today!

Now that you’re well-versed in the differences between synthetic vs. conventional oil, you’re ready to schedule your next oil change with confidence. Feel free to contact us with any questions or book an appointment online at your convenience. You can even check out our current service specials to save even more on your next visit!


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