Kia Warning Light Symbols and What They Mean

Dashboard Warning Lights


If you’ve noticed a Kia warning light symbol illuminated on your dash, don’t worry. The service team at Rountree Moore Kia is here to help with this guide to the Kia warning lights and symbols! There are about 29 different Kia dashboard lights, each indicating service or maintenance that your vehicle needs—and getting familiar with the Kia dashboard light meanings will help you to take better care of your car. Review this helpful guide, and schedule service if necessary at our service center in Lake City.



Kia Dashboard Light Meanings

Many of the Kia dashboard lights are simply informative, and don’t indicate a serious problem with your vehicle. It’s essential to understand the difference between a Kia malfunction warning light and a system engagement light for your drives around Lake City. For example, when Cruise Control is engaged or high beams are illuminated, you may see a Kia dashboard light. Some of the most important Kia dashboard lights to watch for include:

  • Master Warning Light: It looks likean exclamation point inside a triangle, and indicates that two or more of the following systems have issues: TPMS, washer fluid, Blind Spot Detection (BSD), or open fuel cap.
  • Malfunction (Engine Malfunction) Indicator Lamp: This is known as the Kia check engine light, and it means there is an emission issue or some other engine issue.
  • Electric Power Steering (EPS) Warning Light: If this light comes on, or you detect an extreme amount of effort needed to steer, your power steering system is malfunctioning.
  • Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light: This light will instantly alert you when your engine oil is not at the right pressure. Proper oil volume is vital to prevent your engine from overheating. If this comes on, add more engine oil as soon as possible.
  • ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) Warning Light: An ABS surrounded by a circle and parentheses means that your braking system needs to be inspected, which is necessary for safe navigation on Live Oak streets.
  • TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Malfunction Indicator: This horseshoe-like symbol with an exclamation mark in the middle indicates that your tire pressure is getting low. If this symbol is flashing when you start up your Kia, it means the system has detected a malfunction and can’t accurately gauge tire pressure.
  • Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light: If this Kia dashboard light comes on and stays lit in red, your engine is probably overheating, and you must pull over as soon as you see a safe place. Don’t drive your car again until you have the vehicle inspected. An overheating vehicle can be dangerous.
  • Airbag Warning Light: If you see the “AIRBAG” light, and it stays on or blinks as you’re driving, your airbag system has a malfunction. Stop by the nearest Macclenny service center for an inspection ASAP.

Rely On Us for Professional Kia Service in Lake City

Now that you know more about Kia dashboards light meanings, don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions or concerns. Our Kia-certified technicians will quickly diagnose the issue and suggest an affordable solution. The next time you see a Kia warning light symbol in your dash, turn to the auto pros at Rountree Moore Kia near Gainesville! Check out our rotating service specials to save at your next service appointment, and let us know how we can help.


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